Professional Services

At Fiduciary International Systems, we use an integrated approach to solving our client’s complex technological problems. Our approach differs from other IT providers by bringing together products from various technical arenas to assemble the most up‐to‐date, appropriate, and cost effective solutions to our client’s IT challenges. Our IT team does this by closely evaluating our client’s current and future IT needs, and by continuously staying on top of evolving high technology products and trends.
Fiduciary International System’s professional service is tailored to address the IT needs of your organization. We offer any number of services including IT outsourcing, network & Internet services, security, data protection and recovery, knowledge management and system & database administration. Fiduciary International Systems provides multi‐level expertise maintaining services and resolving common problems in applications, networks, desktops or systems.

Strategy for Information Technology

Identifying the objectives and strategy for utilizing information technology in your company. Studying the current information systems to determine how to integrate them as basis for new model of information. Focusing on collaboration computing rather personnel computing. Utilize IP based Technology. Align I.T. system with the business process

IT Management Outsourcing

Fiduciary International Systems provides advanced IT (Information Technology) services for businesses and branch offices of larger firms who may have existing IT departments. Our clients will profit from the speed, expertise, flexibility, and innovation they gain by cost‐effectively outsourcing their information technology needs.
Fiduciary International Systems is affordable but effective. We are there as often as you need us. Our support arrangements are tailored to optimally serve your business needs. You receive all the benefits of an in‐house IT professional working for you, but at a fraction of the cost of a consultant or full‐time administrator.
The excellence of Fiduciary International Systems IT outsourcing service is achieved by customizing the processes, functions, and activities necessary to its customers. Such approach and methodology of Fiduciary International Systems IT processes are as follows:
- Service planning and Management.
- Operation management.
- Infrastructure control and deployment.
- Configuration and asset management.
- Change management.
- Problem management.
- Support and computing resources management.
- Managing maintenance contracts.

System Administration Services

Fiduciary International is committed to leverage our expertise in systems administration to help reduce the cost and time of administering your computing assets. These administrative tasks cover, Microsoft Windows server, Microsoft Exchange server, Microsoft ISA server, Oracle application and database servers and antivirus/security servers
With Fiduciary International Administration Service in place, you can confidently off‐load day‐to‐day server monitoring and management, eliminating the stress of hiring, training and keeping highly skilled technical personnel. And keep assured that your servers are expertly managed by a well trained team of administrators.
The administrative tasks includes but not limited to:
- LAN Administration & support.
- Data backup and restoration.
- System Administration tasks (moves, adds, changes).
- Microsoft Windows server Implementation, support & administration.
- Server Hardware and OS troubleshooting.

Desktop Services

These services allow Fiduciary International to assume responsibility for the deployment, connectivity and support of personal computers, workstations, peripherals, client/ server and LAN systems in the client organization. Our Company also manages the complex relationships with hardware, software and service vendors. Furthermore, Fiduciary International makes it possible for your organization to establish the best service it requires by customizing or adding new facilities.
Our system operations involve managing and operating “computer system”/ data center (Platform System Operations) and/or maintaining your applications as well as performing Platform Operations for those applications (Application System Operations). The individual desktop services includes but not limited to:
- Desktop computer and peripherals support.
- Desktop Workstation Software Set‐up, Installation & updates.
- Desktop Consultancy (not proper training).
- Installation configuration and updating software.
- Assistance in Staff Office Moves & Relocation.
- Check and removal of viruses/spyware.

Network & Internet Services

Fiduciary International will provide the support needed to maintain your network by maintain and troubleshooting your network devices such as Firewalls, switches and routers to ensure they are functioning correctly, efficiently and available for the users.
Often the forgotten component of any network design, the cabling infrastructure can become your biggest headache if not done correctly. Designing and planning a structured cable plant that will support today’s high speed data networking requirements and provide the flexibility for future growth and expansion should be a key component of any network upgrade or office expansion.
- Manage and troubleshoot network devices (Firewalls, Switches, routers …etc).
- Design and supply network cabling requirement.
- Apply appropriate level of security in the network access.
- Managing Internet connectivity and troubleshooting.
- Provide internet hosting service plans and deployments.
- Monitor & troubleshoot IP Phone connectivity.