About Fiduciary International

Fiduciary International is a Kuwaiti Closed Shareholding Company established in 2005 where we managed to be a leading services provider for Investment modules targeting the Investment and financial industry and specially Sharia compliant information services.
As a premiere IT infrastructure and a service provider, Fiduciary International System’s International is uniquely positioned to provide for Islamic Financial industry organizations a complete set of solutions and services Fiduciary International Systems focused on designing, developing and integrating comprehensive solutions through the extensive business know-how, best practices and in house knowledge base in the Islamic Financial Industry to meet the demanding needs of the Islamic financial institutions and financial services providers. We offer an integrated set of solutions and services flexible and tailored to fit the organization immediate and future needs.
Fiduciary International System’s has designed and developed a core business solution that acts as the foundation for all your business needs; it is complemented by a set of services that leverage industry best practices that will be at the customer’s disposal. This approach provides organizations to have a powerful, scalable and cost effective solution to have a positive impact on customers business. The system's unique technology infrastructure offers the ability to leverage our technology base and provide real business solutions in the areas of investment management in Direct Investment, Corporate finance, portfolio & fund, Treasury and Real estate overlaid with appropriate workflow controls to ensure efficiency of business operations. This system consists of different modules that can be implemented with as full suite or to complement other investment modules already in place.

Our Vision

To be the choice for providing information solutions and services and becoming a major contributor to the Islamic financial industry in terms of facilitating the standardization of operations, techniques, instruments, contracts, structures, and policies and procedures enabling organizations to respond to the business and information challenges based on best practices rather than improvised practices.