Who We Are

Fiduciary International is a Kuwaiti Closed Shareholding Company established in 2005 where we managed to be a leading services provider for Investment modules targeting the Investment and financial industry and specially Sharia compliant information services.

Our Services

We offer many various services at Fiduciary International. We will list a few right here, right now just to show you how incredibly awesome we are at our company!

Professional Services

At Fiduciary International Systems, we use an integrated approach to solving our client’s complex technological problems.

Strategy for Information Technology

Identifying the objectives and strategy for utilizing information technology in your company.

IT Management Outsourcing

Fiduciary International Systems provides advanced IT (Information Technology) services for businesses and branch offices of larger firms who may have existing IT departments.

System Administration Services

Fiduciary International is committed to leverage our expertise in systems administration to help reduce the cost and time of administering your computing assets.

Desktop Services

These services allow Fiduciary International to assume responsibility for the deployment, connectivity and support of personal computers, workstations, peripherals, client/ server and LAN systems in the client organization.

Network & Internet Services

Fiduciary International will provide the support needed to maintain your network by maintain and troubleshooting your network devices such as Firewalls, switches and routers to ensure they are functioning correctly, efficiently and available for the users.

Our Clients

بيت الإستثمار الخليجي
إيكاروس للصناعات النفطية
الأمانة العامة للأوقاف
أعيان العقارية
معهد دسمان للسكري
لشركة الدولية للإجارة و الإستثمار
جود للخدمات العقارية
نظارات كيفان
بنك الكويت الدولي
Madar Company
المصالح العقارية
Mena Real Estate
Qapas Newspaper
Dar Al-Thuraya

System Technology

The system leverage the latest Oracle technology providing high scalability and ensuring availability while it also remains a cost effective solution. The system is web based and is developed using the latest Oracle Forms Technologies which allows the software to run via Internet Explorer or any other Java supported browsers. Some components of the software has also been developed using other tools and technologies (Java , VB) and integratin Oracle forms to form an integrated and complete solution for the customers’ needs and requirements .